The tide is high……..

IMG_5076 IMG_5080 IMG_5082Flying over the island we circled the airport to make sure there were no goats or cars/people on runway before landing! I guess that was an issue a few times. And YES you can cross the runway on foot or car! Aren’t the reefs amazing?Those are cliffs and we can’t get down to those reefs and I imagine it is not safe to try at all! But oh the beauty!

This week it is high tide during the afternoon. That to us means -no beach finds! Discovered treasures at low tide, right along the surf or where high tide had hit and treasures were left are the key! Yesterday on the way off the beach tide had come down but when the waves were hitting the sand it was still rough to get in. I stopped and threw my beach chair and bag down and ran in. A big thick dark green sea glass was rolling in the surf and I wanted it! Let me just say that by the time I got that beauty I was soaked up past my previously dry suit and cover up! When John met me on the hill he asked “was it worth it?” Of COURSE!!!!!!!! 2 nice green ones!

P1020886 P1020887 P1020889 P1020890 P1020893Thank you Tammy and Charlie for the floating chairs… soon as it is a bit calmer they will be prefect!!!!!IMG_2062I can not tell a lie…..the above picture is from last Jan and tide was low…..but it is the beach we were at yesterday at high tide and waves were rolling! I sat and watched them break over the big rock mesmerized! But did not get my camera out!!  =+(

The “swimming hole” or “jacuzzi”  as we call it is all filled in and I could barely get in past my knees! We did have a good swim on the other beach just around the corner. My body just melts when I get into that crystal clear blue green salt water. All the aches and pains of the morning work flow out with each wave. HEALING…….

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