Home again Oct 2014

Back home again- Oct 2014- day or two in island living…..

We arrived back “home” on island late Monday afternoon. Bahamas Air flight out of Nassau was an hour late so we didn’t get on island til 4. We stopped for the famous Forest burger with Gloria and Gregory who came to Deadman’s airport to pick us up. Now it was after 5, which normally wouldn’t be a problem. However, since we are totally off the “grid”-meaning we have to connect solar power for electricity and our cistern for water. It takes more than flipping a switch and John is always concerned, one never knows what might not be working correctly here! We did buy a new generator last Nov. The old one was over 10 yrs old and had built at least 4 houses that we could remember. The pull starter was getting harder and harder to use. We got an electric start-press one button and you’re making juice! So I had refrigeration and fans….and it was HOT so we needed them! The biggest blessing was that we didn’t have to come home and take hurricane shutters off in order to get into the house. Gregory and Gloria kindly did that a few days before for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is a slow process and she did mentioned they were dripping wet by the time they finished.



The house is packed full of deck furniture and empty pots with a trail to move around in. I can take most of it out myself and begin the unpacking process. But John always wants to power wash the deck, house and windows/screens while the deck is empty. So my job had to wait til later on Tuesday. UGH! Where to start otherwise!
We did finally crash out on the deck by 8 to enjoy the star-even saw 1 shooting star! We missed sunset by an hour. Didn’t even notice, sad to say! We slept like logs with a fan over head having enough power made from the generator.
7 o’clock came fast and we were sort of upset that we had slept so late. We needed to work in the cool of the day! Oh well, we enjoyed coffee on the front deck for a few minutes but neither of could sit too long. We were ready to get this place in shape.

After working as long as we could power washing the decks, unpacking and trying to put things in their place, we took a 30 minute ride south to the bank and grocery store. It was great to be out enjoying the island. We received so many hugs and “Welcome Home” along the way! Wonderful!

Refreshed, we did a few more projects when John announced he was starved! I had roasted beets and fresh island pumpkin earlier so I put together a Spicy Coconut and Pumpkin soup. I added a bit of chopped smoked sausage because John needs meat! John was impressed when I called him only 20 minutes later to a bowl of soup and island rye bread! YUM!

Wed I got up earlier and started the process of trying to finish putting things away. John suggested I get the floors swept. There was alot of dead bugs and dirt and walking barefoot was not fun! By mid morning I got an email from our shipping company to say our pallet was cleared by customs and we could come pick it up! But that meant stopping our day, showering-because we were a sweaty mess and driving 30 minutes south again. There went the afternoon. NO beach time yet!  =+(

P1020883However, getting your shipment is like having Christmas AND a shopping day at Walmart/Home Depot/Cosco all at the same time. But it took me all of Thursday to get my cupboards cleaned and rearranged in order to get everything put away!

I did get soil made to fill 11 seed trays for my gardens and my “gutter garden” soil amended and planted with lettuces. We are thankful for the rain we got last night but hope it didn’t pound too hard and destroy my seeds and hard work. One never knows! Because our soil here is sand with no nutrition we have to add what we can- compost from last 2 seasons, sheep poop and peat moss we ship in. I heard someone is selling cow manure so I will go check that out too! I love my gardens and it takes energy and sweat to get them looking like I want it. I don’t mind but I can only work til about 11 then this body says “STOP!” So we do. Thursday we were both so exhausted by noon we put up both hammocks and read and napped the afternoon away. It was good we didn’t go to the beach. Clouds came in the north  and we heard thunder but nothing came our way at all.

IMG_5096Besides my garden, I love my kitchen here! I love planning what to make, cooking and presenting meals. Whether it be breakfast, snacks or dinners I read my library of cook books and torn out recipes to come up with ideas. I learn so much reading my cookbooks. I have an old Molly Katzen Still Life with Menu I pulled out the other day that I hadn’t opened in years. I was amazed how many great things I could make using Quinoa. And I will be doing that very soon…..stand by! I did make Pasta with sun dried tomatoes, capers and olives topped with Parmesan cheese! It was yummy!

It is time for coffee out on the deck. The moon has been full and we enjoy the evenings on the deck but we both agreed we like the moonless night even better to star gaze! This weekend is a “holiday” here- Columbus Day is Monday and everything will be closed and the Anglican church is having a fair south. I will go and greet everyone and probably dance with a few of the old timers just for fun!

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