Bahama mama

IMG_5215                                          Living on an island all winter is hard work…..gardens to tend to….. P1030283                                                beaches to work on….OH that’s relax on!!

P1030132                                             and enjoy sunset from our deck every evening!

I am just an island girl…..well I was born a Midwestern girl- raised in northern Ohio, married the love of my life 43 years ago- my John boy- raised 3 kids, started a balloon delivery business with John and built it into 2 retail stores, 14 employees with 4 delivery vans, expanded into balloon decorating and gift baskets. Over the years we also had 3 laundry mats, rental buildings, 24 acre farm and involved in our church, kids schools and community.

Admist all this activity John and I found our paradise while on a short vacation in 1993 on Long Island, Bahamas. Two years later, we purchased 5 acres on Long Island and began the process of planning for our island home. We lived this dream in our sleep, thoughts and stages of designing, organizing shippments, waiting for Bahmian timing to happen and learning lots of patience. (more about that later…)

Finally in 2004, we sold the last of our belongs in Ohio except for what would fit into a 34 ft. camper that we planned to live in summers in northern Ohio and moved to the Bahamas for winters. read more in ADVENTURES…….