FAIRHAVEN-a walk in my garden

In 1993 John and I traveled to Stella Maris, Long Island, Bahamas for a 5 day time away together. Long story short we had a dream-and might I add NO $$$$- but a huge dream to live on an island-LONG ISLAND- someday….in 1995 we bought 5 acres, in 2000 John came for 30 days to begin the building process…..which took 7 total months over 4 years…..30 days at a time here and then (mostly when $$ allowed us to ship more materials.)

However, I want this post to be about our new house-which many of you know we were blessed to sell our1st house- 5 acres/4 bdrm/4 bath/3200 sq ft house in 2008. We searched for land to build much smaller and finally in 2010 we began the clearing of our almost 2 acre plot here in Thompson Bay! John designed the house-with my help of course- and had a Bahamian crew of 3-5 local guys to oversee for 4 months. We moved in before the tile or running water was done but I wanted to be up on this hill!!!

For 2 winters- 6-7 months each- we have finished many large projects, huge gardens and a wonderful rock entrance wall.

as you drive up driveway and rock wall at entrance with our daily view

I will attempt- to take you on a tour of our home……


WELCOME TO FAIRHAVEN COME IN!!! John hauled everyone of these rocks out of the bush and hand stacked them himself!!


found ring on the beach and John painted our house name on it!



walk way leads up to garage


view from below the deck


walking into the garden…..


looking back over the wall


we built on a hill so house is up there!







heading up sidewalk to kitchen entrance


just a few more steps…..come on up….


















































green bottle wind chime – yep you guessed it- John made it!


big sun catcher John made for me 6 yrs ago! bottles all found on beach-of course!


table full of beach finds….





















more beach finds. Window looks into kitchen


looking down back deck


John loves to get coconuts and pot them- he has grown everyone of our …..mmmmm…100 or so coconuts on our lot!


shade house area- where we pot and the nursery where we keep cuttings….yea- not a bad place to work!


this area was here when we started to build. All I had to do was clear away some bush and when stepped in……OMG! Clear and ready to use!


walking down path on north side of the house


outdoor shower!!


this used to be the construction drive. When we got the last load of working materials up here I begged John to let me close it off and make gardens. He even hired a local to help move the rocks to build it.


sometimes I get so busy in my garden I forget where I actually am. Then I turn around and gasp at this view…….awwwww….




















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